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Dr. William Perkins (1558-1602)

The manner in which men are saved.

The Order of Salvation and Damnation by Dr. William Perkins

The following Table of Contents will grow with time as I am able to transpose the cryptic old English Text of the following MSS by Perkins. The volume is actually a series of small books collected together. This first book is the Golden Chain, or the Causes of Salvation and Damnation. My long term goal is to publish this book with one of the leading Puritan based publishers. But for now, I will offer the work in parts, in all the unedited barbarisms of the 17th century language, as I am able on this website. The following sections from William Perkin’s writings are not found anywhere else in the world except for the actual writings themselves in the 1608 edition of his works. The only writing we have in print is the Banner of Truth copy of the Art of Prophesying, which is excellent. But I will endeavor, if God so enables me, to transcribe as much as possible. Enjoy! CMM

Table of Contents:

A Golden Chain, or The Description of Theology

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