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Where to buy Reformed Books online…

Remember – in today’s age there is nothing like owning a complete set of Puritan or Reformation publications. What would it be like to own all of them and have them in the palm of your hand? Technology allows us to condense material into bytes and that ability has lead to the propagation of the best Reformed literature ever compiled. FOLLOW THIS LINK TO THE PURITAN HARD DRIVE

Puritan Publications
“Are your wonders known in the darkness, or your righteousness in the land of forgetfulness?” (Psalm 88:12 ) How might Christians strive for righteousness if they forget the preachers and teachers of the past who have taught them to live righteously? Puritan Publications is dedicated to publishing Reformed and Puritan works to instruct Christians to remember the Scriptural teachings that will guide them in a life that is conformed into the image of Jesus Christ. It is the sister site to A Puritan’s Mind. Check it out!

Book Links: Places to Buy Books

Reformation Heritage Books
This is a top rate bookseller who has also taken on Soli Deo Gloria’s work and book lot. Their prices can be the cheapest around. Reformation Heritage Books, Inc. is a non-profit organization, formed for the sole purpose of disseminating sound Christian literature world-wide. All proceeds from the sale of books are returned to the fund for the publication of Reformed material. Donations for this cause are deeply appreciated. You will most likely find what you are looking for here.

Cumberland Valley Bible Book Distributors
This is a great place to buy Christian books on the net, or anywhere else for that matter – an “A” on the scale for reliability and service. They are the fastest shippers and most reasonably priced Reformed Christian bookseller. They are also committed to good books and not just any books at all. Once a year they have customer appreciation day which gives you an additional 10% off your entire order. They are often in stock, and if you live east of the Mississippi, then you will usually get your books 2-3 days after ordering. Catalog is online, as well as a search engine to find books by name or author.

Sprinkle Publications
Sprinkle Publications was born in year of our Lord 1975. As a Baptist pastor since 1962 and a lover of “old books”, historical and theological, we increasingly began to see the need for more substantive and truthful literature. Residing in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia had given us the opportunity to purchase wonderful old literature; however, as the word spread and friends continued to ask us to locate copies of out-of-print volumes, we became aware that the original copies were becoming more scarce and costly with time. So in 1975, with no money and only a small summer house as collateral for a loan, we reprinted 2000 copies of The Life and Campaigns of Lt. General “Stonewall” Jackson, by R. L. Dabney. With no mailing list, and totally by word of mouth this printing sold out in 13 months. To date we have sold approximately 50,000 copies of this volume. We continue to add new titles, now numbering approximately 150.

Monergism Books
To equip Christians in the truth by making available the finest classic resources of historical orthodoxy. This is done in the hope that the church will embrace, and recover the true Biblical doctrines of the historic faith. This is a great book site!

Crown & Covenant Publications
C&C Publications, is a non-profit organization specializing in publications that promote, encourage, and defend the Reformed faith and the testimony of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America, including lots of resources for Exclusive Psalmody.

North Hampton Press
Here you can find the home of the Puritan publisher Don Kistler. He sells books on site, and has published some of the best works in Puritanism and Puritan Theology in the world, including works by Edwards.

Naphtali Press
Naphtali Press was founded in 1987 to publish classics of the Presbyterian & Reformed faith, that are now scarce and out of print. Our focus primarily is the Puritan era, with a specialization in the Scottish Presbyterian authors of that period. The 17th Century Scots were largely passed over in the 19th century endeavors to publish their English Puritan counterparts.

Solid Ground Christian Books
Solid Ground Christian Books is a Baptist publishing company committed to the presentation of the cardinal doctrines of Holy Scripture. Their goal is to spread the fame of the Name of the Lord by finding, uncovering and restoring the best Christian literature from the past and bringing it into the modern world. They believe that there are many treasured works from the past that the Lord has used in mighty ways, and yet are unavailable to the modern reader. So they are always searching for works that have been used by the Holy Spirit in converting, sanctifying and keeping power.

Still Waters Revival Books
They have many excellent rare books, especially out of print resources, which many would never be able to attain unless they were quite wealthy. They sell them in “facsimile fashion” very cheap, and they are in Canada which affords US citizens a discount based on the exchange rate! They are also selling the best Reformed and Puritan library on a digital drive. FOLLOW THIS LINK TO THE PURITAN HARD DRIVE for more info.

International Outreach
They have an assortment of Puritan and devotional material and publish books which have the same format and similar appearance to Soli Deo Gloria. Very good books!

Old Paths Publications
A newer publisher dedicated to reformation theology and reformed books.

Grace and Truth Books
At Grace and Truth, their focal point and goal has always been to bring the great, character-building literature of past centuries to the attention of this generation of families! As you focus on the education of your children, are you remembering to nourish yourself? The greatest need of our children is parents whose own souls are spiritually well-fed and strong in the Lord! If the well in our souls is deep and full, we have much to share with them. Many years ago, the writings of the Puritans of the 17th century made a lasting impression upon us which has forever changed our lives, as we learned of the depth and richness of study they mined from the treasures of God’s word.

Covenant Media Foundation
It is the purpose of Covenant Media Foundation to promote sound biblical education and training for Christians at all levels. We are committed to working with believers from a wide range of theological backgrounds and associations, in the Spirit of Christ, with the common goal of advancing the kingdom of God both in the lives of individual Christians and throughout the culture.

Baptist Standard Bearer
They publish old Baptist books which are often unknown and very helpful, if not critical to understand Baptists and Baptist History – a valuable site – many reasonable prices. The books on their site are unavailable anywhere else. You must buy their books from them. Their shipping is quite slow though.

Banner of Truth
The old faithful of book publishers, publishing reformed books. You can buy through them, but as with any publisher, you will pay the dust-jacket price; although sometimes they do have specials which are competitive.

Christian Book Distributors
The biggest distributor of “Christian” books in North America is no doubt CBD. But the biggest distributor of junk “Christian” books is also CBD. They sell everything from heresy to John Owen. The Christian needs to be very discerning about what they purchase here. Once in a while some of the larger sets they carry (like the Ante-Nicene fathers) are at a great cost. But most of the time their catalog is filled with Christian “fluff.” They can locate anything on line for you that they sell.

This is a “great site” for antiquitous book collectors and those who have Abraham’s money flow to buy one…

Tole Lege Press – Geneva Bible
You can find a facsimile version f the Geneva Bible here – very good place to buy these and they are well made. (I have 2.)

Crown Rights
Crown Rights Book Company is a Christian book publisher specializing in providing quality reprints of rare Reformed theology books and general interest Christian books for the enjoyment and edification of the entire family — all at affordable prices. is your online source for millions of new and used college and high school textbooks. Thier discount textbooks average 40% less than retail textbook prices. offers advanced search features so you can find the new or used textbooks you need at a great discount.

Puritan Books
Scans of puritan books made available.

Christian Focus Publications
Christian Focus Publications is an evangelical publisher. Christian Focus aim is to bring glory to God and remain faithful to God’s Word. Christian Focus does this by producing books of lasting value and encouraging people to think about Christianity.
All Christian Focus titles pass the three `R’s’ test. They are Readable, Reliable and Relevant – books you can trust.

Sovereign Grace Publishing
Books on the sovereign grace of God.

Scripture Truth Book Company
A place to buy bibles.

Great Commission Publications
The publishing ministry of the Committee on Christian Education of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and the Committee for Christian Education & Publications of the Presbyterian Church in America.

Westminster Theological Books
Informed: Influential works from outside of the Reformed tradition.
Reformed: A wide selection of the best Reformed literature available. Academic: Important works for the pursuit of biblical, historical, or theological studies. We encourage you to read with discernment.

P&R Publishing Company
P&R Publishing company is dedicated to publishing excellent books that promote biblical understanding and godly living as summarized in The Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms. Titles on our list range from academic works advancing biblical and theological scholarship to popular books designed to help lay readers grow in Christian thought and service. Our mission is to serve Christ and his church by producing clear, engaging, fresh, and insightful applications of Reformed theology to life.

Reformed Free Publishing Association
The Reformed Free Publishing Association is an independent, non-profit organization that publishes twenty-one issues a year of the Standard Bearer, a semi-monthly periodical, and Reformed books in the Calvinistic tradition.

Cambridge University Press
Cambridge is the oldest printing and publishing house in the world, and is dedicated to the advancement and dissemination of knowledge. Internationally recognized for the quality and excellence of our products, we publish over 2000 titles and 180 journals every year.

Peter Reynolds Bookseller
We specialize in Christian books, mainly printed in 19th and 20th centuries, including reprints of earlier books. Our books emphasize the evangelical / reformed perspective and include some of Scottish and missionary interest.

Covenanter Press
In Australia Covenanter Press’ mission is to publish sound Christian, Reformed, Biblical materials.

David C. Lachman Antiquarian Books
Old books to buy.

Stroud Booksellers
They sell antiquarian books.

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