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C. Matthew McMahon
Founder of A Puritan’s Mind
“…search the Scriptures…” John 5:39
“…the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof…” Psalm 24:1

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Many people come to this site and wonder who in the world is “C. Matthew McMahon?” If you are an inquirer who would like a short bio, here is a chronological line of my life, and a resume of sorts. This way, you can know a little bit about me – a sinner saved by grace.

Educational Background:

Southeastern Bible College Lakeland, FL 1989-1992

Earned: B.A. (Bachelors: Bible and Pastoral Ministry; Minor in Greek)

Reformed Theological Seminary Maitland, FL 1992-1994

Earned: M.A.T.S. (Masters of Theology: Reformed Theology; Minor in Philosophy)

Whitefield Theological Seminary Lakeland, FL

Earned: Doctorate of Religion in Theology (Emphasis on Reformed Theology and History) Earned Jan., 2005

Earned: Ph.D. in Christian Intellectual Thought/Historical Theology, March 2006

Earned: Th.D. in Puritan Theology, May 2009

Principal Teachers:

Dr. Terrance Newman (SBC, New Testament)
Dr. William Barnes (SBC, Old Testament)
Dr. Roger Nicole (RTS, mentor)
Dr. RC Sproul (RTS, Systematic Theology)
Dr. Sinclair Ferguson (RTS, Systematic Theology)
Dr. Douglas Kelly (RTS, Systematic Theology)
Dr. John Gerstner (RTS, (Adjunct) Historical Theology)
Dr. Reggie Kidd (RTS, New Testament)
Dr. Alan Mawhinney (RTS, New Testament)
Dr. Richard Pratt (RTS, Old Testament)
Dr. Elmer Smick (RTS, Old Testament)
Dr. Ronald Nash (RTS, Philosophy)
Dr. Frank Farrell (RTS, Church History)
Dr. Kenneth G. Talbot (WTS, mentor)

Master’s Project
Concentration on the Atonement
Dissertation: A study on the relationship of the Cross and the Attributes of God
Dissertation Title: The Continuum of God

Doctoral Projects
DAR in Research Theology: Concentration on English Puritan Theology, Reformation History/Theology
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Two Wills of God – a study in the Doctrine of God and responsible hermeneutics.
Th.D. Dissertation: Augustine’s Calvinism – a study in Augustine’s Doctrine of Salvation throughout his writings.

Special Honors / Distinctions
Full Scholarship Awarded: Southeastern Bible College
Graduated Southeastern Bible College with Honors
Tuition Scholarship Awarded: Reformed Theological Seminary
Graduated Reformed Theological Seminary with Distinction
Graduated Whitefield Theological Seminary with Highest Honors – Doctorate in Religion in Theology, Jan., 2005, Ph.D. in Christian Intellectual Thought, March, 2006: Magna Cum Laude.


Areas of Concentration
Pastoral Theology
Theological/Exegetical Writing
Biblical Studies New Testament/Old Testament
Historical Theology
Systematic/Biblical Theology – Particular Expertise in Covenant Theology
Church History – Particular Expertise in the Reformation, and English Puritanism

Areas of Experience
Exegesis, Teaching and Preaching
Youth Ministry
Pastoral Ministry
Theological/Exegetical Research and Writing

Professional Overview and Teaching Experience:
Florida State Juvenile Program, Lakeland, FL 1989-1991
Counselor to Abused children

Pineridge Presbyterian Church, Orlando, FL 1992-1994
Middle School Youth Pastor

Timeslips Corporation, Hamilton, MA 1994-1995
Teacher/Technical Support

New Meadows Reformed Baptist Church Topsfield, MA 1994-1995
Pulpit Supply

Mount Horeb Baptist Church, Wrens, GA 1995-1996
Senior Pastor/Teach

Celebration Reformed Baptist Church, Plantation, FL 1996-1998
Senior Pastor/Teacher

Perfection Software, Inc Sunrise, FL 1998-2000
Teacher, Support Technician

Emmanuel Reformed Baptist Church Boca Raton, FL 1998-2002
Pulpit fill and Teaching Bi-weekly,
Adults Sunday School
Youth Sunday School and Youth Group

West Boca Presbyterian Church Boca Raton, FL 2002-2003
Teaching Weekly
Youth Sunday School Teacher
Adult Workshops

Biblical Researcher for Cross TV Boca Raton, FL 2002-2004
Biblical Researcher, Theologian

Christ Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church, Jan. 2004-2005 (Church Plant)

TV Producer for Public TV Programs Boca Raton, FL 2001-present
Creative and Technical Producer for creating educational segments for the US Government’s Voice of America Network, Public Television and for CNN.
Research/Writing Experience
Cross TV Research
Exegetical Work and Historical Researcher
Theological Consultant for incoming Calls by viewers
Duties included daily exegesis of principle passages for creating WORD PICTURES, an international and national Christian program centering on Reformed Truths and Puritan works.
Programs researched: The Sovereignty of God (16 part program), Hermeneutics (32 part program), and The Good Steward (8 part program)
A Puritan’s Mind, Inc. (

Writing books, book reviews, articles and theological treatises on hundreds of biblical subjects.

Books include:

(For a list of McMahon’s books in both eBook and Print form visit Puritan Publication here.)

He has written over 35 works, including works on Covenant Theology, the Reformed Apprentice Workbook series, and his “Made Easy” series.

Transcribing original Puritan sermons and treatises for publication; 3 Volumes on CD completed as of April, 2004. Visit Puritan Publications for a list of current books in the process of being published (over 200+).

Reproducing or Creating Visually Intricate Theological Charts for Teaching in Churches and Schools; they include:
Covenant Theology
William Perkins’ Chart on Salvation
Notes on Baptist History
Reformation Timeline
Timeline of English Puritans and Westminster Assembly
The Order of Salvation
Early Church Heresies
Cults, World Religions and the Occult
Theodore Beza on Salvation and Damnation
Poster sized charts on Francis Robert’s theology, and covenant theology.

Missionary Work:
Church Planting International’s 2nd Annual Pastor’s Conference, Key Note Speaker: Lima, Peru (August, 2003)
Topics Covering The Devotional and Practical Life of the Minister, Hermeneutics, and Homiletics
Church Planting International’s 1st Annual Pastor’s Conference, Key Note Speaker: Huaraz, Peru (August, 2003)
Topics Covering Christ as Mediator, and Christian Service
Church Planting International’s 3rd Annual Pastor’s Conference, Key Note Speaker: Lima, Peru (August, 2004)
Topics Covering Attributes of God, and Preaching to the Glory of God

Conference Presentation
Speaker for ARTS (Advancing Reformation Truth and Spirituality) at Knox Theological Seminary (October, 2002)
The Puritan Propagation of Theological Ideas Found in the Synod of Dordt

Workshop Presentations
West Boca Presbyterian Church
Workshop on: Who were the Puritans and What Did They Teach? (June, 2003)
Available on MP3 at

Devoted husband to Therese B. McMahon
Ordained to the Gospel Ministry October, 1995 at New Meadows Reformed Baptist Church, Topsfield, MA, rejected this ordination years later as a result of adhering to Presbyterian Church government, and lawful ordination.

Webmaster, Founder, and President of (1998), (A Puritan’s Mind) a site devoted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and theology of the Puritans. A Puritan’s Mind houses thousands of pages of material on the Gospel, the puritans and the Reformation.

Webmaster and Founder of, (The Puritanboard) an Online Reformed Discussion Group with over 5000 members.

Transfer of Ordination to the Reformed Presbyterian Church General Assembly, November 2005.

Home Church – Christ Presbyterian Church – Lakeland, FL

Academic Interests:
Teaching saints and sinners about Jesus Christ where the glory of God is of chief importance.
Appealing Subjects: New Testament or Old Testament; Systematic Theology; Church History; Historical Theology, Hermeneutics, Basic Speaking and Communication, and Homiletics; Philosophy.
Publishing works surrounding Covenant Theology and Puritan Literature.
Research Interests:
Continued Research in Puritan Writings for publication purposes
Volume 2 of The Writings of A Puritans Mind is currently underway
Publication Goals of Puritan Subjects for Academic Journals
Continued writing for A Puritan’s Mind Ministries
Video work beginning for A Puritan’s Mind Ministries
Publishes books with Puritan Publications


Short Life Chronology:

Born: A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far Far Away
February 1
Beverly, Massachusetts

Converted through the Predestinating Electing Grace of God by the Blood of Christ His one and only Son, and empowered by the regenerating and sanctifying enablement of the Holy Spirit: Not specifically sure; possibly at 6 years old; quite “on fire” at 19. Believed “called to ministry” at 19.

Marries Therese B., April 26, early 1990’s.
(no living children as of September 2005)

Theological Persuasion: Southern Baptist (as of 1994)
believing the Doctrines of Grace

Attended Southeastern Bible College
1989-1992 – Pursued BA in Biblical Studies; Earned BABS, September, 1992.

Attended Reformed Theological Seminary, Maitland, FL
1992-1994 – Pursued MA in Theological Studies; Earned MATS in September, 1994.

Ordained to the Gospel Ministry
October, 1995 by New Meadows Particular Baptist Church, Topsfield, MA

Youth Pastor (While in Seminary)
Pineridge Presbyterian Church (PCA),
Metro West, FL (1992-1994)

Pastor of Mount Horeb Baptist Church (SBC) (1995-1996)
Ejected from the pulpit due to teaching the biblical doctrine of Original Sin.

Pastor of Celebration Particular Baptist Church
(Reforming Baptist Church) (1996-1998)
Mission Plant Closes (previously planted by another pastor 4 years earlier)
Majority of the membership not interested in continuing the mission plant, votes to close after 5 years.

Theological Persuasion:
“Particular” Baptist (as of 1992 through June 2002)

Member of Emmanuel Baptist Church, Coconut Creek, FL (Nov. 1998 to 2002) (A Particular Baptist Church)

April, 1998 Begins work on “A Puritan’s Mind” and publishes website.

Theological Persuasion:
June 2002, studies surrounding the book of Hebrews and Covenant Theology presses me to receive Covenantal Theology and Covenant Signs (Paedo-Baptism) as Scriptural.

Church Affiliation:
October, 2007, Scholar in Residence, Christ Presbyterian Church RPCGA
Affiliated with the Reformed Presbyterian Church General Assembly

Vocation Change:
August 2001, Vocation change from Computer Technician to Associate Producer for Public TV programming.

December 20, 2002, Cross TV Biblical Researcher part time and part time Public TV Producer.

Further Educational Training:
● September 1, 2003: Doctorate of Religion in Theological Studies from Whitefield Theological Seminary. Earned Doctorate in January of 2005.
● January 1, 2005: Ph.D. in Christian Intellectual Thought from Whitefield Theological Seminary (A solidly Reformed Seminary offering European style Doctorates and graduate work; alumni – Dr. Nigel Lee, Dr. Kenneth Gentry, Dr. George Grant, and others). Published Thesis – The Two Wills of God (Ph.D. dissertation). Earned Ph.D. in March, 2006. Th.D. from Whitefield in 2009 on Augustine’s Calvinism.

Secular Vocation Change:
January 1, 2004 – Full time Vice President of Program Development for Documentary Segments distributed to Public TV.
January 1, 2008 – Theological Mentor/Professor for the Ph.D. Program in Puritan History and Theology at Whitefield Theological Seminary.

Publishing House Founded: Puritan Publications
January 2005, begins “Puritan Publications”, a Reformed book house dedicated to publishing helpful Puritan and Reformed works.
As of May 2014, 160 books published.

July 2016 – Always updating and overhauling A Puritan’s Mind and Puritan Publications. Looking to take on A Puritan’s Mind full time as a ministry as the Lord wills.

Personal/Theological Reference Letters:

Dr. Richard Pratt (Click to Enlarge Image)

Dr. Allan Mawhinney (Click to Enlarge Image)

Dr. Roger Nicole (Click to Enlarge Image)

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