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I love to get emails ... but because of time issues, there are a couple of rules ....

 I am always happy to get an email… but …


As you can imagine, I get a LOT of emails. So that I can deal with my time wisely, having so many irons in the fire, I would ask you to follow some simple guidelines in emailing me.

1. Know that email is not a face to face discussion. When I respond, due to time restraints, I am usually short in my response, courteous, but blunt. People sometimes take that as being rude. That’s not being rude, its being succinct and straightforward. (Just like that last sentence.)

2. If you ask me to do your homework for you (i.e. I want to know more about the puritans so what books should I read) I am happy to direct you. If you ask me to give you “insights into the way the puritans dealt with such and such topics,” I will again give you some books to read. I do not have time to do your homework for you.

3. If you ask me about translating the works on this site into another language, my answer to the countless emails I get about that from South America, Nigeria, and other countries in Africa, is always no. Yes, there are some excellent works on the site. Any works outside of copyright, you can do whatever you want with. In other words, go to Early English Books Online, take whatever books you want to translate, and go for it! But here on the site, the articles, papers and such that are still in copyright, are in fact still in copyright. You can go to to see all the works that I have placed into book form, almost 300 of them now.

4. Lastly, if you are in a foreign country, and ask me to send you free books, there are a host of free books all over this site … ah … for free … which means they cost you nothing. I am not able to send printed free books to you. There is a free books page on the site with more books on it that you can read in a lifetime. They are free to download. Please look there.


If you are amendable to those rules, then shoot me an email and I will respond as soon as I can.

Blessings to you in the Lord Jesus!

[email protected]

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