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An Exhortation: THE SECOND TABLE

Andrew Gray (1634-1656) - A Powerful Preacher Who Died at a Young Age

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Before the Communion, upon the 12th of June, 1653.

WHY halt ye between two opinions, friends? If your idols be God, then embrace them: and if Christ be God, as indeed he is, then embrace him. Met ye never with such a sight of Christ, that constrained you to cry out, 0 for the tongue of an angel to excel, to express his love? Met ye never with such a sight, that made you to cry out, 0 for a thousand hearts to give to precious Christ?

I think, there are four things that put a Christian to a peremptory, or to a non-plus, or to a, what shall I say?

The first thing that puts a Christian to a peremptory, or to a non-plus, or to a what shall I say, is, when a Christian is under the precious impressions of love, according to 2 Sam. vii. 20. And what can David say more? 0 David, what have you said, that you are put to a non-plus? According to some, David says, I can speak no more but this, I can speak no more! A Christian is put to this sometimes, all he can say is this, I can say no more! Did you never meet with such an enjoyment at prayers, and at sacraments, that you were constrained to leave off speaking, and begin and wonder?

The second thing that puts a Christian to a peremptory, or to a non-plus, or to a what shall I say, is, when he is under the sense of the wrath of God, and drinking in the arrows of the Almighty, like to that in Psalm lxxxviii.

The third thing that puts a Christian to a peremptory, or to a non-plus, or to a what shall I say, is, when he meets with the accomplishment of the promises, according to that word in Isa. xxxviii. 15, What shall I say, for he himself hath done it.

The fourth thing that puts a Christian to a peremptory, or to a non-plus, or to a what shall I say, is, when he is admitted to glorious discoveries, according to that word in Dan. x. 16. When Daniel got but a sight of God, he fell down at his feet: I shall not speak much as to what you see with your eyes; I would only say this, the communion will satisfy all your senses. 0 Christians! would you have the sense of your sight satisfied? Come here and behold love shining in a cup of red wine! If ye could get the veil drawn aside, ye might get a sight that ye would not forget again. And would you have your sense of taste satisfied? 0 come and drink spiced wine. And would you have the sense of touching satisfied? Come and thrust in your fingers into his side, and be no more faithless, but believing. Would you have the sense of smelling satisfied? Then come here, and be refreshed ‘with him that is perfumed ‘with all the powders of the merchant. And would you have the sense of hearing satisfied? There is not one piece of this bread, but breathes incomprehensible love; it is not possible for angels to comprehend those thoughts that he had when he hung between the heaven and the earth; 0 what were his thoughts that he had that night that he said, This is my body, take and eat? 0 but it was a blessed communion where Christ was! Think ye not but Christ could speak better of himself, than angels could do? He said unto them, Take, and eat, with my blessing, for this is the last cup of the new Testament: drink it in remembrance of me, until I come again.

I think, it says three things.

First, It says this, that the feast was not a complete feast; and therefore he would come again.

Secondly, It says this, that we should remember that Christ is to come again, when we are going about this ordinance. 0 but it will be a heartless feast if ye comfort not yourselves with this, Behold he comes like a roe!

Thirdly, And then it says this, that Christ desires to be with us. 0 if we were all desirous to be in heaven, as he is there, we would not be long here. Are your hearts in heaven, 0 Christians? Are your treasures there? Are your thoughts there? Are your eyes there? Is your faith there? I know not what of a Christian ought to be out of heaven, even when he is here, but the lumpish tabernacle of clay, that shall, ere it be long, be clothed with immortality. Now God bless this feast unto you.

His Works:

A Door Opening Into Everlasting Life by Andrew Gray – eBook
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Andrew Gray was an exceptionally gifted young preacher. This work is a set of 5 treatises to establish the heart of believers in Christ and give them assurance. Gray is one of the easiest Scottish puritans to read.

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