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Christ's Blood Applied to Your Soul - by Francis Whiddon (d. 1656)

Extract from A Golden Topaz, or Heart-Jewel, Namely, a Conscience Purified and Pacified by the Blood and Spirit of Christ

Add blood to blood, i.e. the blood of Christ to your sin-bleeding soul. This is that blood which must cure you and no other blood can do it.

  1. Beast’s blood will not heal your conscience, the blood of bulls and goats cannot purge away sin.
  2. Man’s blood will not, as the blood of Abel, or the blood of martyrs.
  3. Your own blood will not cure you. Saul, having an evil conscience, might have thought to ease himself by falling on his own sword and shedding his own blood; but alas, this will not cure but kill.

There is nothing that can cure our sick, polluted consciences, except bathing in the pool of Bethesda. There is nothing that can make us white, but the blood of the lamb. It is Christ’s blood only; this is that “fountain for sin and for uncleanness,” (Zechariah 13:1); this is the blood that must “cleanse thee from all sin,” (1 John 1:7-8). Therefore see that you add this precious blood to your bleeding soul.

Excerpt taken from A Golden Topaz by Francis Whiddon

Reformed Theology at A Puritan's Mind