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Biblical Ideas I Resolved to Carry in My Bible and Read Once a Week

The List

Through the power of the Spirit of God, I commit myself to these truths, (not being the inspired Word of God, but summations of my understanding of the truths housed within them), that I would be motioned and carried by the Spirit to the ends outlined, in full understanding that I cannot prosper in them but by the Spirit and His work within me, to cultivate a life which reflects the fruit of the Spirit, to the glory of the Father, and only through the mediation of the blessed Savior, Jesus Christ, who alone is God.


Maxim 1: That all my thoughts, actions and affections would be established and guided with an end towards the glorification of God, even if they are engaged in the most meager necessities such as eating and drinking.


Maxim 2: That I would persist in the former regardless of the providential state I may be apportioned.


Maxim 3: That I would be aware of my standing before God as a sinner wholly dependent upon Him for all things, both spiritual and material, and that at any time these may be increased or decreased according to the good pleasure of God.


Maxim 4: That whatever success I attain the in glorification of God in any action, thought or desire, that I would humbly ascribe it to the work of the Spirit and His power alone.


Maxim 5: That I would not set my mind on the failings of other men during the worship of God each Lord’s Day, and that no matter what congregation I am with, to worship Christ in spirit and in truth as far as I am able.


Maxim 6: That I would strive to gain a greater insight, or cultivate and stir up settled affections concerning the things of God and Christ after every sermon I hear preached, or preach.


Maxim 7: That in my preaching and teaching of God’s inspired Word, I would have an ever increasing  sense of dependence upon the Spirit’s unction and my weakness.


Maxim 8: That I would never be a sensuous Christian.


Maxim 9: That I would consistently strive to cultivate and improve my relationship with Jesus Christ as if I only had one day left to live, and knew it.


Maxim 10: That I would live before God with the greatest exertion of holy violence to take the Kingdom of God by force while I do live.


Maxim 11: That my private devotions would be consistent, edifying and fruitful, regardless of the state of my mental, spiritual or physical affections.


Maxim 12: That I would resolve to pray, read Scripture, study and meditate every day in some form, even under the greatest duress of sin, or any providential inconvenience, as well as lead my family consistently in the same.


Maxim 13: That if I do not see some measure of growth or maturation through the study of the Scriptures and private devotions in any given period of time, whether a day, week, month or year, that I would reevaluate and seek out the means by which I am being slack, repent of it, and overthrow it by the grace of God.


Maxim 14:  That I would continually resolve to endure the suffering of the greatest afflictions than to commit the least of sins.


Maxim 15: That I would perpetually strive in the mortification of sin each day without surrendering one moment to the gratification of the flesh, nor to allow myself to become complacent in the endeavor to put to death the deeds of the body.


Maxim 16: That I would never give up in the former no matter how many failings I may encounter, nor concede in the least upon any temptation towards the possibility of enticement no matter how well I thought that deed in particular had been mortified.


Maxim 17: That upon every instance of presumptuous sin, I would set myself to see it clearly, tracing it back to its conception, and the reasons thereof, then to truly repent of it, having those qualities of repentance by the grace of God.


Maxim 18: That upon every discovery of secret sins, to mortify them immediately in such a way as they never rise again, as well as to pray for a discovery of every secret sin and fault that hides its face from me.


Maxim 19: That I would never belittle my sin, or be indifferent to it, but to take even the slightest sin with great weight since Christ was crucified for it.


Maxim 20: That I would spend some time at the end of each day, week, month and year in a self examination of spiritual accomplishments, and ponder to better improve upon them.


Maxim 21: That I would spend some time at the end of each day, week, month and year in a self examination of spiritual failings and how I may better remedy them.


Maxim 22: That I would continually persist in separating myself from the world and unto Christ.


Maxim 23: That I would live as though I were already in heaven.


Maxim 24: That my speech would be that which befits heavenly conversation.


Maxim 25: That I would be reminded daily that there is nothing lovable in me but Jesus Christ.


Maxim 26: That I would perpetually endeavor to love my wife as Christ loves the church and gave Himself for her.


Maxim 27: That I would seek the spiritual benefit of my wife and family above my own personal free time.


Maxim 28: That when I am sick, or in pain, to meditate upon the providences of those who are worse off than myself, as well as meditating on the pains of martyrdom and of hell’s torments; and then to think upon death and all that surrounds it.


Maxim 29: That every opportunity to speak about the things of God’s glory and of Christ I would snatch up quickly and use to the advancement of the Kingdom of Heaven.


Maxim 30: That I would always strive to love the brethren, knowing they are those for whom Christ died on the cross.


Maxim 31: That in supplement to the study of the Scriptures and a gaining of a greater knowledge of theology, as God would so financially favor me and my family, that I would obtain other kingdom investments, whether by tape, disc, computer, video or books, which would advance the knowledge of the same.


Maxim 32: That whatsoever I see in others that I lack, or desire to have, this being befitting to Christ, to imitate it always.


Maxim 33: That I would never be found to have missed an opportunity to advance the Kingdom of God, and if peradventure this would be so, then to trace back the reason why I missed it, repent of it, and never to allow such an occasion again.


Maxim 34: That in whatever vocation I am providentially given for any time or season, that I would be content in that providence and examine the reason or meaning, as best as I am competent to do, to learn something from the experience.


Maxim 35: That in any providence, whatsoever, I would be content, and learn whatever lessons or obtain those characteristics the Lord desires I acquire.


Maxim 36: That I would be diligent in the former, knowing the disposition of my fallen mind and flesh.


Maxim 37: That I would always keep a strict diet which would not hinder the body or mind in its venture into a greater knowledge and intimacy with Jesus Christ.


Maxim 38: That I would always seek the Lord upon the use of the finances He bestows upon us; that I would be a faithful steward of His possessions.


Maxim 39: That I would strive to be more serious in religion each day than I was the day before.


Maxim 40: That I would always stir myself to petition God in using such an unworthy vessel for His glory, whatsoever that may entail.


Maxim 41: That I would never forget to pray each day for the Lord’s grace against the possibility of temptation no matter how great or small.


Maxim 42: That my prayers would reflect the glory of God as I petition the throne of grace for an abundance of daily blessings, not for my own end, but for His name’s sake.


Maxim 43: That I would constantly uphold true religion in my speech and in my actions.


Maxim 44: That I would never forget the chief reason why God created the world: for His own glory.


Maxim 45: That I would attend a church that is dedicated to biblical reformation, not only in speech but also in action.


Maxim 46: That I would do all I can to bring about biblical reformation in any church I attend.


Maxim 47: That I would forsake any church that diminishes biblical reformation to the glory of God.


Maxim 48: That I would look to the spiritual well being of my wife and family (Lord willing) before the people of any church.


Feb. 25, 2001.
C. Matthew McMahon

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