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The Poem "Martin Luther" for Reformation Day - by Dr. C. Mathew McMahon

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A Poem about the Reformation and Martin Luther.

Christians have no excuse to be ignorant about the Reformation. It is a watershed event in the history of our faith. Since the time of Jesus and Apostles there has never been a more godly time of faith and practice that has fanned the flames of pious hearts for generations, and still is alive today in small pockets of faithful churches. May we endeavor to throw off the bonds of heathenism which desire to celebrate death and darkness on October 31st with All Hallow’s Eve (Halloween), and rather pick up the fire of the Reformation, for it began mid-day on October 31, 1517….

Upon the door of Wittenberg the sound of banging could be heard

A monk did stand before the church and Martin was his name.

A fire burning in his heart, reform was now about to start

as Luther nailed the theses, upon the church that day.

1517 was the year, October 31st so dear

upon a day he knew that all would see…

…that compromise which had become, the great undoing of more than some

The Wicked Church had worked its way corrupt.

Selling grace for bits of gold, “buy salvation” men were told!

A penny in the coffer rings another soul from purgatory springs!

And Luther was outraged.

Leaders of the blind they are, and from the gates of heaven far

Their lives did show but evils now so mixed.

Pope and priest did wish him ill, and hoped their power would be theirs still

The wild boar was loosed in the vineyard of the Lord.

But Luther’s mouth could not be shut, his pen and ink cried out with much

Justified by faith, and faith alone.

I shall not, cannot, will not ever, recant such things there are none better!

By grace we’re saved and this – by Christ’s own work.

No man saves his soul to heaven, its done by Jesus Christ now given,

that men may live with God eternally.

A man must be now born again, the Spirit’s work we know not when,

elected from the world, and sealed by God’s decree.

What truths were told to men so lost, God’s mercy given at great cost

that selfish men may see the truth of grace.

The Pope and king did try to win, but in the end there’s death for sin

and Luther was not silenced.

He taught and preached for years to come, Reformation had begun,

and still today is held by some, may all God’s children love what God had done!

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