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Delighting in Meditation by Edmund Calamy (1600-1666)

What the Bible says about Godly Meditation through the Word
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But how shall I know whether that I do delight in the Word of God or not? Answer. You shall know it by these notes:—
1. He that delights in God’s law will be very frequent in the meditating and reading of it, and very often in the speaking of it. So David says, (Psa. 1:2), “His delight is in the law of the Lord, and therein he will meditate day and night” And Psa. 119:97, “Oh how do I love thy law! it is my meditation all the day.” So also verses 15, 16, 23. He that takes pleasure in the law, he will be often thinking of it; as Christ says, (Matt. 6:21), “Where the treasure is, there the heart will be also.” If the Word of God is your treasure, you will meditate on it. You will frequently think of it; and when you begin to think of it, you will dwell on the thought of it, as a bee dwells, as it were, on the flower, to suck out the sweetness that is in it; and you will think of it with deep and serious meditations and contemplations; you will dive into the unsearchable riches and treasures that are in the Word. And as you will meditate on it, so you will be often and unwearisome in reading and perusing of it, and discoursing about it. A man that delights in hunting, is never weary of talking of hunting; and he that delights in the world, of speaking about the world; and if you delight in God’s Word, you will be very frequent and never tire in discoursing of it.

Edmund Calamy, The Godly Man’s Ark.

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