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Arthur Dent (d.1607)

An English Puritan Author and Divine
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His Works:

  1. The Hand-Maid of Repentance. Or, “A Short Treatise of Restitution.” An appendix to his “Sermon of Repentance.”
  2. The Opening of Heaven’s Gates. Also titled, “The Ready Way to Everlasting Life.”
  3. The Plain Man’s Pathway to Heaven.
  4. The Ruin of Rome.
  5. An exposition of the book of Revelation, with particular stress placed upon the decay and downfall of Roman Catholicism.
  6. A Sermon of Christ’s Miracles. John 9:16.
  7. A Sermon of God’s Providence.
  8. A Sermon of Repentance.
  9. A plaine exposition of the articles of our faith, by short questions and answeres for the vnderstanding of the simple gathered by A[rt]thur Dent … ; especially for the benefit of his owne flocke, who hauing taught his people these points, is carefull that they may learne them ; to this end, that euerie of them of his charge, may be able to giue a reason of their faith. Dent, Arthur, d. 1607. / [1589]
  10. A pastime for parents: or A recreation to passe away the time; contayning the most principall grounds of Christian religion. By Arthur Dent preacher of the word of God at South-Shoobery in Essex. Dent, Arthur, d. 1607. / [1606]
  11. A learned and fruitful exposition vpon the Lords prayer. By Arthur Dent, sometime minister of the Word of God at South-Suberry, in Essex. Dent, Arthur, d. 1607. / [1613]

Biography of Arthur Dent:

Arthur Dent (d.1607) was an English Puritan author and preacher. He was born at Melton, Leicestershire. He matriculated as a pensioner of Christ’s College, Cambridge, in November 1571. He graduated B.A. in 1575–6, and M.A. in 1579.

Dent served as curate for three years to George Withers, at Danbury, Essex. He was on 17 December 1580 instituted to the rectory of South Shoebury, Essex, on the presentation of Robert Rich, 2nd Baron Rich. In 1582 he was one of the witnesses examined in support of charges brought against Robert Wright, a Puritan minister. About 1584 Dent himself was in trouble with John Aylmer, his diocesan bishop, for refusing to wear the surplice and omitting the sign of the cross in baptism. His name is appended to the petition sent to the lords of the council by twenty-seven ministers of Essex, who refused to subscribe the declaration “that there is nothing contained in The Book of Common Prayer contrary to the Word of God.”

Dent died of a fever after three days’ illness about the end of 1607. He left a widow. Ezekiel Culverwell, in dedicating an edition of The Ruin of Rome to Lord Rich remarked on Dent’s diligence. He was considered a good preacher, and his printed sermons ran to numerous editions.

His work “The Plain Man’s Pathway to Heaven” was instrumental in converting John Bunyan.


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