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Nicholas Proffet (n.d.)

A Constant Attendee of the Westminster Assembly of Divines

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His Works:

Englands impenitencie under smiting (1645) by Nicolas Proffet


Biography of Nicholas Proffet:

Nicholas Proffet was one of the Assembly of Divines at Westminster. His name is both in the ordinance of Parliament for calling that Assembly, and also in the list of those divines who met there. And, in Neal’s list, he is marked as giving constant attendance during the session. He was sometime rector of Peter’s in Marlborough, in the county of Wilts. He was in Marlborough, when he was appointed by the Parliament to sit in the Assembly of Divines at Westminster. In the year 1644, it is said, that he was then Minister of Edmonton, and of Middlesex, in the neighbourhood of London, and a convenient place for attending the Assembly.

Mr Proffet has published a very good and seasonable sermon, which is entitled, “England’s Impenitence under Smiting, Causing Anger to Continue, and the Destroying hand of God to be stretched forth still;” a sermon preached from Isai. ix. 13. before the honourable House of Commons, at a Public Fast, Sept. 25, 1644. 4to. pp. 4B. London, 1645. He was also the author of a very judicious Epistle, which was prefixed to this sermon, and addressed to the honourable House of Commons. 4to. pp. 4. Both this sermon and the epistle were again printed at Dumfries, in the year 1799, and dispersed through the south of Scotland, and in several parts of England and Ireland, and very highly esteemed by some persons. The author of these Memoirs has a number of the copies of this valuable sermon in hand, price 6d. He is sorry, upon reading the sermon, that he cannot give any farther account of Mr Nicholas Proffet.


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