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William Price (1597-1646)

He was a Calvinist English minister, theologian, and member of the Westminster Assembly.
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“He that fears God, reverences his name, honors his messengers, and behaves himself reverently in the place of God’s worship.”

Biography of William Price (1597-1646):

William Price (1597-1646), Westminster divine, one of the Prices of Denbighshire, matriculated from Christ Church, Oxford, on Oct. 16, 1616, aged 19. He graduated with a B.A. and an M.A. on June 21, 1619, and a B.D. on June 14, 1628. Taking holy orders, he was, on Sept. 26, 1621, elected the first reader in moral philosophy on the foundation of Thomas White. On White’s death in April 1624 Price pronounced his funeral oration, which was included in “Schola Moralis Philosophiæ Oxon. in Funere Whiti pullata,” Oxford, 1624. In 1630 Price joined in a protest to the king on technical grounds against the appointment of Bishop Laud as chancellor of Oxford (Cal. State Papers, Dom. 1629-31 , p. 241). He was instituted on Feb. 10, 1631 to the rectory of Dolgelly, Merionethshire, where he died in 1646, and was buried in the church. He married Margaret, daughter of Robert Vaughan of Hengwrt, the antiquary.

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