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Ralph Brownrig (1592–1659)

Nominated to the Westminster Assembly (though he took no part in it), and preacher of the Gospel.
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“Regarding the regaining of God’s favor, he will return. In his displeasure, God turns his face away from us. He has no delight in us. He is provoked and offended by our continued sinning and lack of repentance. But his returning to us is the renewing of his favor. His good will towards us grants us his presence among us. So, to better understand the nature of this mercy, this return of God will afford us these considerations.”

Ralph Brownrig

Biography of Ralph Brownrigg:

Ralph Brownrigg or Brownrig (1592–1659) was bishop of Exeter from 1642 to 1659. He spent that time largely in exile from his see, which he perhaps never visited. He did find a position there for Seth Ward. He was both a Royalist in politics, and a Calvinist in religion, an unusual combination of the period. Brownrigg opposed Laudianism in Cambridge during the 1630s and at the Short Parliament Convocation of 1640.

He was nominated to the Westminster Assembly, he apparently took no part in it.

He studied at Ipswich, and Pembroke Hall, Cambridge. He was awarded an M.A. in 1614 and a D.D. in 1626. He was Rector of St Margaret of Antioch, Barley, in Hertfordshire, in 1621.

He was Master of St Catharine’s College, Cambridge, and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge, but in 1646 was ejected from both these positions, by the Parliamentary government.

He took refuge with Thomas Rich, lord of the manor of Sonning.

His Works:

  1. A sermon on the 5th of November, being the last which was preached by the reverend father in God, Bishop Brownrigg (1659) by Ralph Brownrig
  2. A sermon preach’d on the coronation day of K. Charles I (1661) by Ralph Brownrig
  3. Fourty sermons (1661) by Ralph Brownrig
  4. Repentance and Prayer: or, the two fundamental pillars of the nation (1660) by Ralph Brownrig
  5. Sixty five sermons (1674) by Ralph Brownrig
  6. Twenty five sermons (1664) by Ralph Brownrig


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