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Benjamin Pickering (n.d.)

A Westminster Divine and Fiery Preacher of the Truth
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“It is the Lord’s pleasure that the condition of his church many times should be such, as the prophet expresseth: I beheld the earth, and, lo, it was without form and void; and the heavens, and they had no light, Jer. 4:23. Thus it was with God’s people in the Babylonish captivity. Heaven and earth, church and commonwealth, were in confusion. The best undertakings meet with greatest discouragements—The devil will still be hindering the acting hand, in the things of God. The devil hateth all divine order and pure ordinances, therefore he resists Joshua, in whom the priesthood and divine worship were restored.—Doctrine: God’s people may be in the burning, but they shall certainly be rescued and perfectly delivered.—God’s wisdom is best seen, when we are at our wit’s end; and the Lord’s power is most manifest, when we are at the extremity of misery; when we think and say, we are cut off for our parts.-Every sin makes us as ready to take fire, even as gun powder: let us therefore have grace, whereby we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear: for our God is a consuming jire: and this fire of the enemy is dreadful.—He has now drawn out his sword to avenge the quarrel of his Covenant, and the fire of his anger burns; but he may complain as of old, The Founder melts in vain.—When we are in the burning, look up to Jesus Christ.—In Christ we shall have safety. Labour for the Spirit of comfort; the refreshings of this Spirit, as living water, will cool the heat of the spent soul. Pray that the Lord would mitigate the flames—and labour to be constant—hold fast the name of Christ.”

His Works:

A firebrand pluckt out of the burning (1645) by Benjamin Pickering


Biography of Benjamin Pickering:

Benjamin Pickering (n.d.) was a member of the Assembly of Divines at Westminster. In the ordinance of Parliament for calling an Assembly of Divines, he is said to be, of East-Hoathly. He seems to have been pastor of that place, when he was called to sit in the Assembly of Divines. In the year 1644, when he was a member of the Assembly, we are informed, in the title-page of a Sermon, which he preached at that time before the House of Commons, that he was minister of God’s Word at Buckstead in Sussex. He wrote his name Pikering.

Mr Pickering has published a Sermon, which is entitled, “A Firebrand Pluckt out of the Burning,” from Zech. iii. 2., 4to. pp. 28. London, 1645. And he has also published a very handsome Epistle, addressed to the honourable House of Commons, which is prefixed to that Sermon. In this epistle, he exhorts the honourable senators, to set up a faithful ministry, and to establish judgment and justice in the gates—to let their zeal for the Lord burn, setting up his worship and ordinances in purity. He says, “Be zealous for Christ’s cause: delay not to establish his government and discipline with vigour. Proceed so in your reforming, that glory may dwell in our land; that mercy and truth, righteousness and peace may meet together, and kiss each other.— Continue in your integrity, and the Lord will continue a sun and shield to you.-Although Satan be at your right hand, fear not, so long as our Mediator sits at the right-hand of God.” . . .

From what our author has published to the world, he appears to have been furnished with considerable abilities, to have been pious and learned, and very courageous in the cause of truth.

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