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John Philips (Phillips) (1585-1663)

A Covenantal, Calvinistic, English Puritan and prolific writer.
Today, many Christians are turning back to the puritans to, “walk in the old paths,” of God’s word, and to continue to proclaim old truth that glorifies Jesus Christ. There is no new theology. In our electronic age, more and more people are looking to add electronic books (ePubs, mobi and PDF formats) to their library – books from the Reformers and Puritans – in order to become a “digital puritan” themselves. Take a moment to visit Puritan Publications (click the banner below) to find the biggest selection of rare puritan works updated in modern English in both print form and in multiple electronic forms. There are new books published every month. All proceeds go to support A Puritan’s Mind.

“The Church must be as pure in her religion, and worship, as she is found in her doctrine. There is no salvation out of the Church.”

His Works:

The Way to Heaven by John Philips – eBook
Buy his printed works HERE

The Works of John Philips (1585-1663) available: (Puritan Publications is working to publish these two known works by Phillips.)

1. The Way to Heaven, 1651.

2. The Christian’s ABC’s, 1629.


Biography of John Philips (Phillips) (1585-1663):

John Philips (Phillips) (1585-1663) puritan and Westminster Divine, received his B.A. in 1603 and his M.A. in 1607 at Emmanuel College. He was first ordained as a deacon on July 16, 1609 at age 24, and then ordained as a minister on September 24, 1609. He became Rector of Wrentham, Suffolk and was at that post from 1609-1637. He was properly ejected from this Living in 1662 because of nonconformity. He was however at that time incapable of preaching work, because of his age and bodily Infirmities, though he desired to continue in the work of the Gospel. He was chased out of Old England in to New England for Nonconformity.

At his return some years later, he brought back with him of his former station, an inclination to the New England Discipline. Overall, he was a very profitable and useful Preacher. His sufferings made him study the Ecclesiastical Points in controversy more and more.

He married Elizabeth the sister of Doctor William Ames and by his means had no small furtherance in his studies. An intimate acquaintance with him increased his Inclination to the congregational way after Westminster Dissolved. He died in 1663, aged about seventy eight.


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